In the Fall of 2010 Stella! completed its line-up when Jen introduced Jo and Diana to singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Laura Ann Bates. Laura and Jen are long-time friends, as well as fellow Lansing-ites and members of the Earthwork Music Collective. Although college trained in classical voice, piano and flute, Laura is now honing her skills on the upright bass. By pursuing opera in the classroom by day, old-time and folk in the bars at night, hymns and choral pieces on Sunday morning, she has developed a diverse musical pallet. Her songs are lush, sincere, with dark gospel undertones. In 2007 Laura released "Jubilee", a duo album with songwriter Brandon Foote. She also performs with the Lansing, Michigan Vaudeville Troupe "The Little Darlin's."

Laura loves vintage clothes shopping, Bible study, owls, domestic study, and mermaids. She ran the 2008 Detroit Marathon in a record 6 hours and 12 minutes.